Training guidelines

Student supervision

All ESRs will be registered for a PhD. Each ESR has a primary local supervisor plus co-supervisor(s) from the host institution. However each ESR also has a network co-supervisor so at least two experienced academics (SupCact as the young person’s personal mentors and advise on career development planning.

Student progress evaluation

Each ESR will initially be given a probationary period of one year. Towards the end of that year, their local graduate committee will decide on the basis of a first year report, the first year research seminar, and the completion of a proportion of the complementary skills modules, whether that student will pass to the next year. A similar, but less extensive report will be required at 24 months as well as a research seminar at the local institution.
Using the INsecTIME Training Form students can keep track of all their training activities.

Training opportunities