C1 Project Management

This course was held at the INsecTIME Kick-off meeting (November 2013).


A 2-day interactive course led by Prof. M. Gerkema (Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship, Groningen). Topics touched during the course included:
– project charts;
– phasing;
– time management;
– delegating;
– team structures;
– leadership and core qualities;
– decision documents;
– career prospectives.


Students and PostDocs were encouraged to think about the phases and qualities required to carry out their project successfully. They had to highlight potential problems and identify ways to deal with them. 


It was also a great opportunity for the students to get to know each others, familiarise with the other projects carried out within the consortium, and bond and a team.

Most of the students expressed the interest to attend a C1 Follow up Course, which might take place at INsecTIME meeting 3 in Groningen (January 2015)