DeparturesSecondments are temporary transfers to another institution within the INsecTIME consortium. ESRs and ERs will have to complete ~6 month secondment(s) to partner laboratories and/or SMEs, thus further enhancing research and technical skills and consolidating their PhD progress.

We have an extensive set of secondments planned for each ESR and ER, but it is inevitable that an element of training may be required for a particular student that was not initially anticipated. This will be discussed by the SupC with the Postgraduate coordinator and, if necessary, an additional secondment will be organised to meet the student’s need to learn or improve a particular technique or skill.

Here is a list of the planned secondments. On top of these, all ESRs will have the opportunity to spend a month at Oxitec and Bio-Fly to improve their knowledge on Insect control methodology and to strengthen their commercial training.



Original institution



Duration (months)


ESR1 XXX University of Leicester University of Padova 6 Population methods and neuropeptide genes
ESR2 Jelena Prodic University of Groningen Acutual Analytics 2 Software development & training
University of Leicester 1 Natural diapause method
University of Wuerzburg 3 Tissue specific in situ
ESR3 Katharina Heil University of Groningen Acutual Analytics 2 Software development & training
University of Leicester 1 Natural diapause method
CNRS 3 Neuronal oscillators and behaviour
ESR4 Marcela Buřičová University of Leicester University of Groningen 6 Mutation mapping
ESR5 Lenka Chodáková Biology Centre of the Czech Rep University of Groningen 3 QTL analysis of diapause in Linden bug
University of Wuerzburg 3 Neuroanatomy of Linden bug
Acutual Analytics 1 Test behaviour software in Linden bug
ESR6 XXX University of Padova University of Leicester 6 Natural diapausing paradigm
ESR7 Enrico Bertolini University of Wuerzburg University of Leicester 2 Natural diapausing paradigm, & Nasonia biology
Biology Centre of the Czech Rep 2 Linden bug biology
Oxitec 2 Olive fly biology
ESR8 Rossana Serpe CNRS University of Leicester 6 Advanced fly neurogenetics
Uniwersytet Jagiellonski 3 Specialised neuroanatomical techniques
University of London 1 Ca2+ imaging
ESR9 Sanne Roessingh University of London University of Wuerzburg 6 Fly neuroanatomy/ imaging
ESR10 Faredin Alejevski CNRS Actual Analytics 4 Develop new software for analysing behaviour
ESR11 Gareth Moore Uniwersytet Jagiellonski University of Leicester 6 olecular biology
ESR12 Theresa Flößner University of Groningen Biology Centre of the Czech Rep 4 Linden bug biology & photoperiodicity
Oxitec 4 Olive fly biology & photoperiodicity
All ESRs Oxitec 1 Insect control methodology in lab and field & commercial training
Bio-Fly 1
ER1 XXX University of Wuerzburg Tba 3 Secondments depend on skills of appointee
ER2 XXX Oxitec University of Wuerzburg 3 Fly neuroanatomy/ICC
Actual Analytics 1 Develop behaviour software
Bio-Fly 2 Collect wild olive fly population, mating studies
ER3 XXX Actual University of Groningen 1 Insect species biology and develop software
Biology Centre of the Czech Rep 1
Oxitec 1