New Product

On the occasion of INsecTIME’s 1st Birthday, we are proud to announce the release of our first exciting product:

STOP your TIME NOW and ASK for a FREE TiMEsTOP® sample.

TimestopTiMEsTOP © is a pill which, thanks to the revolutionary CHRONOtechnology developed by our partners, has been shown to successfully SLOW down your BIOLOGICAL CLOCK.

Instead of cycling with a period of 24 hours, your internal timekeeping system will oscillate with a period of 30 hours.

For every 365 astronomical days, your body will only age 292. In other words, your body will ‘save’ almost ONE YEAR every FIVE!
As a bonus you will only feel hungry every 10-14 hours, and you will immediately start to lose weight absolutely effortlessly.


TiMEsTOP works with a combination of natural neurotransmitters and clock-slowing supplements which trigger an orchestrated reaction that harmlessly slows your endogenous body cycle. The system works by reacting with your natural hormones, thus inhibiting their interaction with the neuronal network.

Effects might be significantly reduced on Leap Years

How to take:
For oral use only.
How much to take: One 20mg pill a day.
When to take: Take with water; at dawn if living in the Northern hemisphere, at midday if living at the Equator level, at dusk if living in the Southern hemisphere.
Do not exceed the stated dose to avoid the well documented ‘Benjamin Button‘ syndrome.

testimonialsPRICE LIST:
Every day you add to your life will only cost you 5 GBP!

  • 30 pill box 30 GBP (50 USD or 36 Euro).
  • OFFER 1
    1 year worth of pills adds 73 days to your life: 300 GBP instead of 365 GBP.
    5 year worth of pills adds 1 full year to your life: 1400 GBP instead of 1825 GBP.
  • OFFER 2
    Treat yourself or your loved ones to a life supply of TiMEsTOP® for only 25 GBP a month!
    On the day of your 20th birthday you will receive your first pill tub. Pills will keep coming until you are 70, adding a total of 10 years to your life!

STOP your TIME NOW and ASK for a FREE TiMEsTOP® sample.


We hope that you are happy with this product. However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied we are happy to refund the full amount of the payment. In order to do so please contact our Costumer Service to agree on a convenient time for you to return your “SAVED DAYS ALLOWANCE“. For example, if you wish to be refunded for a 30 pill tub you will need to i) present a receipt indicating your expenses ii) be available for INsecTIME research purposes for a total of 6 days (the equivalemet of the ‘saved day allowance’ for a 30 day treatment)


STOP your TIME NOW and ASK for a FREE TiMEsTOP® sample.
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