Clocks in the press

crazy clock

Regardless of whether they are scientifically accurate or not, the following list of journal articles highlights the general interest of the public towards this topic, and the extent of the impact of biological clocks on our daily life.


BBC News August 2013
‘Molecular basis’ for jet lag found

BBC NEws August 2013
Carry on camping – can a week under canvas reset our body clocks?

Scientific American April 2013
Why Sleep Deprivation Eases Depression

The Washington Post April 2013
Chronobiology shines a light on health, circadian rhythms and architectural design

BBC News Feb 2013
Bad sleep ‘dramatically’ alters body

Mail Online Jan 2013
How beating jetlag could be as simple as putting on a jumper: Scientists say temperature is key to dealing with long haul flights
Glasses that beat the blues: The latest high-tech specs can treat dizziness and deafness – and even combat depression
Insomnia? Back pain? Try a blast of coloured light

Mail Online May 2012
Have you got social jetlag? Long hours, a hectic social life and constant snacking? You must be suffering from the latest modern malaise…
Snoozing at your desk? Piling on the pounds? You may have social jetlag

The Times May 2012
Night workers at higher risk of breast cancer

The Times November 2012
Vitamin D: the vital nutrient that could beat the winter blues

The Times October 2012
Beating the blues during the biggest freeze on Earth

Mail Online March 2012
A cure for jetlag? Airline trials revolutionary new jetlag headset

The Times March 2011
Moving the clocks ticks all the wrong boxes

Mail Online June 2011
Why doughnuts can make you depressed…and the other surprising, everyday triggers that can cause depression

The Times February 2011
Double Summer Time is a risk to our wellbeing

The Guardian November 2009
How longer nights and shorter days affect us

The Guardian July 2006
The jetlag-busting meal

The Times September 2004
Lights out, or risk the nightmare of cancer