INsecTIME meetings

Six official meetings will take place within the INsecTIME consortium.
These meetings will represent a a platform for:

  •  offering technical and commercial 3-4 day courses
  • discuss network issues that serve the cohesion of the network
  • poster and talk presentations about the progress of the projects
  • two Marie Curie Open day for the general public and given by PIs and ESRs/ERs and focused on scientific outreach. One in Leicester and one in Wuerzburg.

A final wrap-up meeting will be held in Wuerzburg and it will involve dissemination of INsecTIME work by the PIs to the general public, the Press, invited EC representatives and the (former) ESR/ER students.

1. KICK OFF MEETING. CNRS, Paris, November 2013


2. University of Leicester, June 5th-11th 2014


3. University of Groningen, January 2015


4. Ein Gedi, November 2015



 5. Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, PL, September 2016


6. WRAP-UP MEETING. University of Wuerzburg, DE, February 2017