Dear all,

as you can see the website is still under construction.
Nevertheless I would highly appreciate your feedback:

Is there anything you would like in the website which does not have an allocated section yet?
Is there something which is not clear/confusing?
Would you like to change anything (in your or your project description)?

Please let me know, all your suggestions are really welcome!
After all the website is for YOU and it should be tailored around your needs!


Welcome INsecTIMErs!

Welcome all to the website!

It is still far from being completed but please share your ideas and suggestions here!

I would like it to be a resourceful and lively platform, not only for you to gather bureaucratic and scientific information, but also to strengthen the network, to create a strong and long lasting bond between all the INsecTIME partners!

Looking forward to meeting you all in person at the Kick Off meeting in Paris!