These positions constitute the Management structure of INsecTIME:

Prof. C. P. KyriacouProject coordinator

Professor C. P. Kyriacou (University of Leicester) has extensive project management experience with over 30 national and international research grants over the years, including coordinating two previous EC networks, and as a partner in other HFSP and EC projects such as EUCLOCK. He sits on local committees in Leicester, as well as for other bodies such as the Royal Society and a former Head of Department of Genetics. He will oversee the management structure. As Project Coordinator he will manage INsecTIME, report to the European Commission and the network, supervise the finances, engage regularly with the public and the media, review periodic project reports before submitting them to the Commission, and monitor compliance of partners with their obligations under the contract.

Valeria ZonatoProject Manager

Valeria Zonato is a former PhD student in Professor Kyriacous’ laboratory. As INsecTIME Project Manager she will help to:

  • Write scientific reports, and develop project protocols and objectives, and provide support to Professor Kyriacou in his capacity as PI and Co-ordinator of the INsecTIME Consortium.
  • Assist and coordinate the INsecTIME partners encouraging an extensive interchange of information between them and monitor the progress of the group.
  • Develop a network of contacts, manage and organize local and international meetings, contribute to discussions at Project Board meetings and contribute to project plans for the implementation of agreed proposals.
  • Assist with strategies for project partner engagement, and set up and maintain the consortium website.
  • Develop and maintain excellent communications with consortium members (partners), Research Fellows and the Research Executive Agency, and coordinate the contributions from the partners for the financial and technical progress reports.
  • Support issues to do with personnel, research administration and finance with regard to the project team.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations relating to finance, health & safety, copyright, software and data protection, the Human Tissue Act and Research Governance Policies.
  • Be responsible for the management of research activity data e.g. for monitoring and audit purposes, in liaison with the relevant University Offices.

Executive Committee (ExC)

An Executive Committee (ExC) will be set up in order to discuss more strategic, scientific, financial, confidential and delicate matters. ExC is composed of more senior and experienced supervisors including:

  • the Coordinator: Prof C. P. Kyriacou
  • Deputy: Prof L. Beukeboom
  • one PI from each of the first two Research AreasProf C. P. Kyriacou and Prof E. Pyza respectively
  • an industrial representative from Research Area C: Dr M. Koukidou
  • one elected (rotating) representative from the Graduate Committee: Dr C. Kistenpfennig (2013)

Final decisions will be made democratically, but in case of a split vote, the Co-ordinator will make the final decision to be passed on to the Steering Committee (SteC).

Graduate Committee (GC)

The Graduate committee (GC) will be made up of all 12 ESRs and 3 ERs and it will deal with any issues that the GC would wish to bring to the attention of the SteC (see below). The GC will nominate its own Chair, and will elect the members to represent it at SteC. ESRs and ERs will therefore gain valuable committee experience. Any sensitive matters will be discussed first with the Postgraduate Co-ordinator.

Chair and Representatives elected at the ITN Meetings.

Steering Committee (SteC)

The SteC provides the forum where the main business of the network is discussed and includes:

  • all Supervisors;
  • our Associate Partner: Dr G Yaacobi;
  • our two external advisors: Prof P. Taghert (one of the world’s top insect neurogeneticists, Washington University, USA) and Prof W. Bradshaw, (Oregon University, USA, one of the most senior figures in insect diapause);
  • 4 ESRs and 1 ER. These younger members will be elected periodically (by their own Graduate committee) with a rotating schedule so that each serves at least twice.

SteC members have equal rights, and deal with planning and delivery of training, research and networking activities and in monitoring finances. The SteC will oversee the network activities and ensure communication and outreach activities to stakeholders. This committee will deliver the strategy for exploitation and dissemination of the results (including commercialisation and IPR), ethics, and provide career contacts between researchers and major employers with particular input from our SMEs.

Supervisory Committee (SupC)

Each ESR has a local committee involved in the formalities of obtaining a PhD at their institution plus a pan-network Supervisory Committee (SupC) to provide the wider view of the research work and place it in the context of the INsecTIME goals. The SupC will assemble at each network meeting with the supervisors, co-supervisors, and the ESR and review progress, although Skype or video-conferencing meetings will be encouraged at any convenient time.