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  1. Hi!

    Somehow I can’t get to the forum. When I click the link in this post I only get redirected back to this same post… Am I doing something wrong, or is the link broken?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Emily and thanks for your message.
      You are doing nothing wrong, the reason why you are unable to reach the forum is that I removed it on Friday. It had been up for a while and no one had used it. I figured there are plenty of ways for partners and students to interact: posts, emails, facebook page… Maybe the forum was a bit redundant?
      I’m happy to re-introduce it, should you think it could be useful…?
      What does everyone else think?


      • Hi!

        I also think that it might be useful in the future, but as Emily wrote, everyone is busy with finishing stuff now…the forum can be useful for general information, it often happens to me, that I get lost on the facebook page and it is sometimes hard to find older posts there…
        Anyway, good luck with everything what have to be done and I am looking forward to meet you all! :)


  2. Ah, that explains it then! It’s hard to say much about whether the forum would be redundant or not. It does not surprise me much that no-one had used it yet, since I can imagine that a lot of people are still busy with other things that need to be finished before the INsecTIME project starts. Perhaps it would get used more once everyone has started and is focused on INsecTIME?
    On the other hand you might be right that there are enough ways to interact apart from the forum. I just discovered the facebook page this week, which is of course a nice platform for interaction!

  3. Yeah, I totally agree with you.
    As I said, I’ll be very happy to re-introduce it shall I feel students will use it and benefit from it in the future.

    Keep the feedback coming!! It’s really highly appreciated!

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